Texas education code dating violence

74.3 (2004) requires school districts offering grades 6-12 to provide instruction in physical education.Further, high school students are required to fulfill 1 credit of physical education to receive a high school diploma according to State Board of Education Administrative Code 74.51 (2003).Education Code 28.002 (2009) requires each school district to establish specific objectives and goals for the physical education curriculum, including student/teacher ratios.If the student/teacher ratios are more than 45:1, the district must specifically identify the manner in which the safety of the students will be maintained.Exemptions: State Board of Education Administrative Code 74.11 (1997) allows for temporary or permanent medical exemption with a physician's note.

This may be accomplished through the physical education curriculum or daily recess.Curriculum Content: The state does not currently require that schools use a specific health education curriculum.However, State Board of Education Administrative Code §115 (1997) outlines the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Health Education(1997), which are guidelines for instruction.Mandate: Education Code §28.002 (2001) requires instruction in health education as part of the “enrichment curriculum” for Kindergarten through grade 12, subject to additional rules by the Texas State Board of Education.State Board of Education Administrative Code §74.1 (1998) specifies that each “district must ensure that sufficient time is provided for teachers to teach and for students to learn…

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